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CHILE B., 21, Student

“Beginning 2020 as a 21 year-old woman I was faced with an overwhelming push for personal growth and lost my footing in the process. Most days seemed to be crippled with big emotions, explosive reactions and anxiety.  Reaching out for support I found Julie whose practice is incredibly nurturing, relatable and real. My sessions with Julie are nothing short of empowering, grounding, and freeing towards self love and acceptance. Since doing therapy I feel so much more in control of who I am and how I react. My journey with Julie has been the best gift I have ever given to myself.“

SANDY H., Chinese Medicine Practitioner

“When I found Julie, I had been experiencing a sense of unease & mild anxiety, despite the fact that my life looked good on paper at the time.  It was important to me that I didn’t engage purely in “talk therapy” with a therapist - I didn’t want to get stuck in the pain or the story - I was seeking true healing. Julie offered the perfect medicine that supported me through the pain as I went deeply into old wounds. I see her as the ‘sacred midwife’ who held me in a loving, non-judgmental space as I birthed into a new way of being. I feel joy again - free, open & expansive. As a healthcare practitioner, I refer a lot of people to Julie for her support.”

JULIE W., 49, Actress

“My sessions with Julie have been nothing short of life changing. Each time I see her I shed another layer of pain & hurt from the past - most times never to be re-visited again. As each layer is left behind I get closer to the core of who I truly am and find there a person that I'm much happier being. My relationships with my children, my husband and most importantly myself, have all changed for the better. I find I am doing a lot less 'reacting' and that I can respond to each situation with a presence of mind & heart that has at many times, been absent. I don't always 'get it right' and I know I have a way to go but I have no doubt that Julie is key to helping me get there. She has a beautiful nurturing energy and engages with warmth, patience & kindness. I always feel safe & respected by her, no matter how 'silly' my problems may sometimes seem to me. I have done years of meditation and 'inner work' in the past and nothing has helped me to the degree and speed with which Julie has. I firmly believe that if anyone feels drawn to seek Julie's guidance & help then it will be the best investment they'll ever make!” 

JOHN E., 60, Therapist

"Julie combines a deceptively down to earth, genuine, and naturalistic style with immaculate professionalism and unobtrusive skillfulness. She is simultaneously warm, kind, friendly and supportive, as well as being intuitively perceptive and unfailingly attentive. Her commitment to her client's well-being manifests in an empathic, innovative and non-judgemental approach to her work. Always maintaining professional integrity, Ms Gallo succeeds in balancing encouragement with constructive challenges, both employed solely to further promote the client's healing process. Perhaps most importantly, the client always knows that Julie holds his/her best interests in her heart".


"I have been working with Julie on a weekly basis for quite some time now. Julie has been helping me to address and deal with the after affects of sexual assault & post traumatic stress disorder as a result of a serious car crash that has left me with very painful an debilitating disability. Julie has such a beautiful loving and empathetic nature that has created a safe space for me to open up to her and be held and supported in the way I need most at this time. She has helped me to deal with the daily challenges I am faced with as a result of dealing with the PTSD and the intense affects it has on my daily life. I always leave my sessions feeling like I have been able to take a step further forward & that I have been educated at a level that I understand on the complex nature of my condition. Julie is able to help me understand why things are happening the way that they are & works with me together on how to help change them. I find that Julie is able to challenge my thought process leaving me constantly reflecting on what has been discussed in our session over the week to come. It is hard to find a therapist that can connect on such a deep level with me & that is able to work through the depth of the trauma with me feeling safe, loved, heard and seen .Thank you Julie for holding my hand and heart in our sessions each week and in helping me progress forward a little more each week."

WENDY, Counsellor

“Julie’s genuine warmth, sensitivity and caring approach to her work were qualities that really impressed me as her client. It allowed me to relax and feel supported in exploring personal and at times emotionally sensitive matters discussed in our sessions. She is very much in tune with the process of unfolding the deeper meaning from one’s experiences, thoughts and actions, which has assisted me enormously in knowing and understanding myself in a deeper, more positive way. I appreciate Julie’s commitment to helping others, professionalism and happy, caring personality. She is a gifted therapist!”