Julie Gallo

Julie Gallo is a Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist who has been working with women, men & youth both individually and in groups for over a period of 14 years. Her work has been highly influenced by the indigenous teachings of “Secret Women’s Business” and the highly intelligent field theory approach of Process Oriented Psychology. Having also worked in a Buddhist Temple for over four years, Julie has incorporated her knowledge and experience of the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness into her therapeutic process. Julie's professional training also extends to Dr Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry method & Systemic Family Consetallations.

Julie’s passion for guiding and supporting her clients in developing their sense of Self in the world is informed by her own inner healing journey which began with her own feelings of disconnect from her life and to those that were closest to her. Since that time, she has experienced immense transformations and initiations which have led her to individuate from cultural & societal conditioning into the truth of who she is as a woman, a mother and a partner. Through her own life’s challenges of breaking free from the “mould”, Julie brings a genuine, compassionate and authentic experience to her healing work. 

Julie specialises in facilitating the individuation process of her clients through their inner & outer experiences and challenges, followed by the re-integration and strengthening process of their own unique inner truth, in all areas of their life. Her aim is to facilitate her clients experience of deep connection & self-empowerment to create the life & the relationships they truly desire.


Ms Julie Gallo PACFA Reg. Clinical  23455